Brent Knoll Church of England School

The school has been on this site in the village since 1861, though much of the present day building, behind the Victorian hall and entrance, dates from 2004. The school has changed a lot since those early days and we currently have 135 children based within five classes, though the format of the classroom structure can change depending on numbers in specific year groups. Several of the staff have been working at the school for a significant number of years and many are also stalwarts of the village and its traditions. It really is a close community where children and adults know and support each other incredibly well.

Ofsted inspected in September 2018 and awarded the school a ‘Good’ grade under their new criteria; the full report can be found via a link on the school’s web-site. The school was also very proud of achieving an ‘Outstanding’ in its most recent SIAMS (Church of England) inspection. In 2019, the school was informed that it was in the top 1% of English primaries for Maths results (based on the 2018 SATs). Apart from its academic successes, the school prides itself on being involved in many local competitive sports and music events, as well as its range of after-school clubs.

In April 2019, the school joined the Wessex Learning Trust (WLT) as an academy. WLT is a group of schools based largely in the Cheddar Valley, which includes Hugh Sexey Middle School and Kings of Wessex Academy. As a primary, however, where children remain until Year 6, we continue to work closely with the King Alfred Academy (TKASA) secondary school in Burnham on Sea, where the majority of our children choose to go in Year 7. We also maintain close links with the other primaries in Highbridge and Burnham. In essence, we are fortunate in being able to work within two communities of schools.

If you are looking for an education where you really do 'belong', but that also offers many opportunities that would be envied by other larger schools, please do come and visit.